Ionna Vautrin :

Kamasutra, Flammarion, 2017

Acrobates, danseuses, matadors, musiciens, yogistes, funambules...
Retrouvez-vous sous les traits espiègles et charmants des super-héros de ce Kamasutra illustré édité par Flammarion.

Acrobats, dancers, matadors, musicians, yogists, tightrope walkers...
See yourself in the playful and charming superheroes of this illustrated Kamasutra edited by Flammarion.

Edition Flammarion & White Star
Assistant Carol Landriot
Photo Baptiste Heller & Michel Giesbrecht

A special thanks to all the people who supported this project for their enthusiasm and especially Cendrine de Susbielle, Julie Rouart, Marion Doublet, Baptiste Heller, Massimiliano Iorio & Serge Bensimon!